BACKGROUND: Early retirement is an increasing problem in the construction industry. There is limited information about causes leading employees to leave working life early. We have compared construction workers present situation with their perception of future demands at work to avoid early retirement. METHODS: All 87 employees in a medium-sized Norwegian construction company participated in the study. All were men and answered questionnaires on health and pain, work ability, mechanical exposure, psychosocial conditions, and demands regarding future working conditions. RESULTS: Most workers showed good work ability, irrespective of age. Many reported high levels of mechanical exposure at work. The level of musculoskeletal pain was higher in the middle-aged (30–50 year old) age groups and seniors aged over 50 years than among the youngest workers less than 30 years of age. All workers reported that good health was important for continued working. Most workers stated that future work must not be too physically demanding. Many workers reported relatively low job satisfaction; consequently an interesting job was rated as important for continuing work. Good social conditions were a high priority. CONCLUSIONS: According to the examined construction workers, good health and reduced levels of mechanical exposure at work are essential to avoid early...

Jebens, Einar; Medbø, Jon Ingulf; Knutsen, Oddvar; Mamen, Asgeir; Veiersted, Kaj Bo
Work : A journal of Prevention, Assesment and rehabilitation 48(2): 217–228
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