Purpose: To study the association between muscle rest of vocational electromyographic (EMG) recordings and perceived muscle tension, and whether this association is modified by limiting the EMG measure to pauses from active work. Methods: A muscle rest measure was calculated in a whole workday EMG recording of the upper trapezius muscles, as well as during pauses from active work in 19 males and 23 females (mean age 22 years, range 20–25). Self-reports on muscle tension habits and the covariates neck and shoulder pain, perceived stress level, and leisure time physical activity were collected in a questionnaire. Results: The muscle rest measure showed a moderate negative correlation with the subjects’ perceived muscle tension. This association became somewhat stronger and statistically significant when the EMG measure was restricted to the pauses from active work. Conclusions: Perceived muscle tension is associated to trapezius EMG muscle rest during pauses from active work.

Wærsted, Morten; Hæg, Liv Berit; Hanvold, Therese Nordberg; Hansson, Gert-Åke; Veiersted, Kaj Bo
Advances in Physiotherapy 14(3): 107–114
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