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  • 2022


Fysisk arbeidsmiljø

Background and aims Electricians frequently experience low-voltage electrical accidents. Some such accidents involve long-term negative health consequences. Early identification of victims at risk for long-term injury may improve acute medical treatment and long-term follow-up. This study aimed to determine acute exposure, health effects and treatment associated with general health ≥ 2 years after low-voltage electrical accidents. Methods In a cross-sectional study, 89 male electricians who had experienced an electrical accident between 1994 and 2001 participated in a 2003 follow-up health examination. They were identified from a registry of low-voltage electrical accidents and included in the study. Based on exposure descriptions in the original accident reports, they were stratified into the following three groups: a current arc accident group (N = 34, mean age 38.8 years [standard deviation, SD = 12.2, range = 21–59]) and two groups with the passage of current through the body, either fixed to the current source (“no-let-go” group; N = 35, mean age 34.0 years [SD = 10.5, range = 21–57]) or not (“let-go” group; N = 20, mean age = 38.7 years [SD = 10.3, range = 21–63]). They retrospectively described acute reactions and assessed their current general health at the health examination. Multivariate linear...

Goffeng, Lars Ole; Skare, Øivind; Brinchmann, Bendik Christian; Bjørnsen, Lars Petter Bache-Wiig; Veiersted, Kaj Bo
Burns 49(2): 329–343
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