Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2023

Luteolin protects against adipogenic and lipogenic potency induced by human relevant mixtures of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the 3T3-L1 model

Human exposure to persistent organic pollutants (POPs) may contribute to obesogenic effects. We have previously shown that POP mixtures m...

Xie, Y.; Berntsen, Hanne Friis; Zimmer, Karin Elisabeth; Ropstad, Erik; Verhaegen, Steven; Connolly, L.

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Multiwalled Carbon Nanotubes Induce Fibrosis and Telomere Length Alterations

Telomere shortening can result in cellular senescence and in increased level of genome instability, which are key events in numerous of c...

Alswady-Hoff, Mayes; Samulin-Erdem, Johanna Maria; Aleksandersen, Mona; Anmarkrud, Kristine Haugen; Skare, Øivind; Lin, Fang-Chin; Simensen, Vincent; Arnoldussen, Yke Jildouw; Skaug, Vidar; Ropstad, Erik; Zienolddiny-Narui, Shanbeh

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Asbestmålinger ved brann og rivning av asbestholdige byggematerialer– Delrapport 2: Transformasjon og spredning av asbestfibre ved brann

STAMI-rapport nr. 3/2022

Graff, Pål; Ervik, Torunn Kringlen; Skaugset, Nils Petter

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Genome-wide interaction analysis identified low-frequency variants with sex disparity in lung cancer risk

Differences by sex in lung cancer incidence and mortality have been reported which cannot be fully explained by sex differences in smokin...

Li, Yafang; Xiao, Xiangjun; Li, Jianrong; Byun, Jinyoung; Cheng, Chao; Bossé, Yohan; McKay, James; Albanes, Demetrios; Lam, Stephen; Tardon, Adonina; Chen, Chu ...

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

An assessment of occupational exposure to bioaerosols in automated versus manual waste sorting plants

Occupational exposure during waste sorting is associated with several health outcomes. This study obtained knowledge about the impact of ...

Eriksen, Elke; Afanou, Komlavi Anani; Madsen, Anne Mette; Straumfors, Anne; Graff, Pål

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Occupational Exposure Assessment Tools in Europe: A Comprehensive Inventory Overview

Objectives The Network on the Coordination and Harmonisation of European Occupational Cohorts (OMEGA-NET) was set up to enable optimizati...

Peters, Susan; Vienneau, Danielle; Sampri, Alexia; Turner, Michelle C.; Castaño-Vinyals, Gemma; Bugge, Merete Drevvatne; Vermeulen, Roel

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Laserskjæring av metallplater. Karakterisering av partikler som dannes ved laserskjæring av metallplater

STAMI-rapport nr. 1/2022. Laserskjæring brukes i metallbearbeiding og benytter en høyenergi laser som skjærer stål og andre metalliske le...

Hammer, Stine Eriksen; Ervik, Torunn Kringlen; Graff, Pål; Dahl, Kari; Hovik, Jon; Thomassen, Yngvar; Skaugset, Nils Petter; Halvorsen, Johanne Østereng

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Systemic treatment of children and adolescents with atopic dermatitis aged ≥2 years: a Delphi consensus project mapping expert opinion in Northern Europe

Background Paediatric atopic dermatitis (AD) can be burdensome, affecting mental health and impairing quality of life for children and ca...

de Graaf, Graaf; Janmohamed, S.R.; Schuttelaar, M.L.A.; Agner, T.; Alfonso, Jose Hernan; De Schepper, Schepper; Deleuran, M.; Despontin, K.; Elenius, V.; Ghislain, P.-D.; Huilaja, L. ...

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Comparison of cancer incidence and mortality in the Norwegian Fire Departments Cohort, 1960-2018

Objectives Elevated risk of cancer at several sites has been reported among firefighters, although with mixed findings. The purpose of th...

Marjerrison, Niki; Jacobsen, Jarle; Demers, Paul A.; Grimsrud, Tom Kristian; Hansen, Johnni; Martinsen, Jan Ivar; Nordby, Karl-Christian; Veierød, Marit Bragelien; Kjærheim, Kristina

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Effects of organic chemicals from diesel exhaust particles on adipocytes differentiated from human mesenchymal stem cells

Exposure to fine particulate matter (PM2.5) from incomplete fossil fuel combustion (coal, oil, gas and diesel) has been linked to increas...

Brinchmann, Bendik Christian; Holme, Jørn Andreas; Frerker, Nadine; Rambøl, Mia H.; Karlsen, Tommy Aleksander; Brinchmann, Jan E.; Kubátová, Alena; Kukowski, Klara; Skuland, Tonje Schwach; Øvrevik, Johan

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

A study of pneumoproteins in crystalline silica exposed rock drillers

Objective: The objective was to assess serum concentrations of club cell protein 16 (CC-16) and the surfactant proteins A (SPs-A) and D (...

Ellingsen, Dag; Ulvestad, Bente; Samersaw-Lund, May Brit; Skaugset, Nils Petter; Sikkeland, Liv Ingunn Bjoner

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Exposure to a human relevant mixture of persistent organic pollutants or to perfluorooctane sulfonic acid alone dysregulates the developing cerebellum of chicken embryo

Prenatal exposure to persistent organic pollutants (POPs) is associated with neurodevelopmental disorders. In the present study, we explo...

Yadav, Ajay; Verhaegen, Steven; Filis, Panagiotis; Domanska, Diana; Lyle, Robert; Sundaram, Arvind; Leithaug, Magnus; Østby, Gunn Charlotte; Aleksandersen, Mona; Berntsen, Hanne Friis; Zimmer, Karin Elisabeth ...

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Exposure to persistent organic pollutants alters the serum metabolome in non-obese diabetic mice

Introduction Autoimmune disorders such as type 1 diabetes (T1D) are believed to be caused by the interplay between several genetic and en...

Sinioja, Tim; Bodin, Johanna Eva; Duberg, Daniel; Dirven, Hubert; Berntsen, Hanne Friis; Zimmer, Karin Elisabeth; Nygaard, Unni Cecilie; Orešič, Matej; Hyötyläinen, Tuulia

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Neuropsychological function among workers exposed to aluminum - a mini-review

Aluminum (Al) is the most common element in nature after oxygen and silicon. Aluminum has been proposed to be a causative agent in the de...

Bast-Pettersen, Rita

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Occupational Exposure among Electronic Repair Workers in Ghana

Electronic repair workers may be exposed to lead, mercury, cadmium and other elements including rare earth elements used in electronic eq...

Hammer, Stine Eriksen; Dorn, Stephen L.; Dartey, Emmanuel; Berlinger, Balazs; Thomassen, Yngvar; Ellingsen, Dag

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Quasi-monocrystalline silicon for low-noise end mirrors in cryogenic gravitational-wave detectors

Mirrors made of silicon have been proposed for use in future cryogenic gravitational-wave detectors, which will be significantly more sen...

Kiessling, Frank M.; Murray, Peter J.; Kinley-Hanlon, Maya; Buchovska, Iryna; Ervik, Torunn Kringlen; Graham, Victoria; Hough, Jim; Johnston, Ross; Pietsch, Mike; Rowan, Sheila; Schnabel, Roman ...

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Cancer incidence in sites potentially related to occupational exposures: 58 years of follow-up of firefighters in the Norwegian Fire Departments Cohort

Objectives Firefighters are exposed to a variety of known and suspected carcinogens through their work. However, the association with can...

Marjerrison, Niki; Jakobsen, Jarle; Grimsrud, Tom Kristian; Hansen, Johnni; Martinsen, Jan Ivar; Nordby, Karl-Christian; Veierød, Marit Bragelien; Kjærheim, Kristina

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Physicochemical characterization of particulate matter in a cement production plant

Employees working in cement production plants are exposed to airborne particulate matter (PM) which may lead to lung function impairments...

Ervik, Torunn Kringlen; Hammer, Stine Eriksen; Notø, Hilde Pettersen; Ellingsen, Dag; Thomassen, Yngvar; Weinbruch, Stephan; Benker, Nathalie; Berlinger, Balazs

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Geographic and Ethnic Variations in Serum Concentrations of Legacy Persistent Organic Pollutants among Men in the Nenets Autonomous Okrug, Arctic Russia

The overwhelming majority of Arctic biomonitoring studies in humans include either pregnant or non-pregnant women of reproductive age whi...

Varakina, Yulia; Aksenov, Andrey; Lakhmanov, Dmitry; Trofimova, Anna; Korobitsyna, Rimma; Belova, Natalia; Kotsur, Dmitry; Sorokina, Tatiana; Grjibovski, Andrei M.; Popova, Ludmila; Chashchin, Valery ...

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Prosjektrapport for EXPO- prosjektet. Eksponering for løsemidler ved billakkering og biloppretting

STAMI-rapport nr. 5/2022. Prosjektet «Eksponering for løsemidler ved billakkering og biloppretting» ble igangsatt som en av de bransjeret...

Graff, Pål; Hovik, Jon; Friisk, Grete; Helmersmo, Kristin; Østrem, Ragnhild Beate Strand

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Emission of nanoparticles from coal and diesel fired power plants on Svalbard: An electron microscopy study

Sub-micrometer aerosol particles were collected at the stack of two coal power plants (Barentsburg, Longyearbyen), two diesel power plant...

Weinbruch, Stephan; Zhou, Linyue; Ebert, Martin; Benker, Nathalie; Drotikova, Titiana; Kallenborn, Roland

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Experimental Models for Cold Exposure of Muscle in vitro and in vivo

Work in cold environments may have a significant impact on occupational health. In these and similar situations, cold exposure localized ...

Schjølberg, Tiril; Asoawe, Lucia; Krapf, Solveig Astrid; Rustan, Arild Christian; Thoresen, G. Hege; Haugen, Fred

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Inflammatory tissue reactions around aseptically loose cemented hip prostheses: A retrieval study of the Spectron EF stem with Reflection All‐Poly acetabular cup

The cemented Spectron EF stem in combination with the cemented non‐crosslinked Reflection All‐Poly cup showed a high rate of mid‐term ase...

Wolf, Susann; Johannessen, Anne Christine; Ellison, Peter; Furnes, Ove Nord; Hallan, Geir; Rogg, Katharina; Skarstein, Kathrine; Høl, Paul Johan

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Nano- and microplastics: a comprehensive review on their exposure routes, translocation, and fate in humans

Contamination of the environment with nano-and microplastic particles (NMPs) and its putative adverse effects on organisms, ecosystems, a...

Ramsperger, Anja F.R.M.; Bergamaschi, Enrico; Panizzolo, Marco; Fenoglio, Ivana; Barbero, Francesco; Peters, Ruud; Undas, Anna; Purker, Sebastian; Giese, Bernd; Lalyer, Carina R.; Tamargo, Alba ...

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Variability of lead in urine and blood in healthy individuals

Background Lead is a non-essential toxic trace element. Lead in blood (BPb) is the most common biomarker of lead exposure but lead in uri...

Sallsten, Gerd; Ellingsen, Dag; Berlinger, Balazs; Weinbruch, Stephan; Barregard, Lars