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  • 2024

Background Although polygenic risk score (PRS) has emerged as a promising tool for predicting cancer risk from genome-wide association studies (GWAS), the individual-level accuracy of lung cancer PRS and the extent to which its impact on subsequent clinical applications remains largely unexplored. Methods Lung cancer PRSs and confidence/credible interval (CI) were constructed using two statistical approaches for each individual: (1) the weighted sum of 16 GWAS-derived significant SNP loci and the CI through the bootstrapping method (PRS-16-CV) and (2) LDpred2 and the CI through posteriors sampling (PRS-Bayes), among 17,166 lung cancer cases and 12,894 controls with European ancestry from the International Lung Cancer Consortium. Individuals were classified into different genetic risk subgroups based on the relationship between their own PRS mean/PRS CI and the population level threshold. Results Considerable variances in PRS point estimates at the individual level were observed for both methods, with an average standard deviation (s.d.) of 0.12 for PRS-16-CV and a much larger s.d. of 0.88 for PRS-Bayes. Using PRS-16-CV, only 25.0% of individuals with PRS point estimates in the lowest decile of PRS and 16.8% in the highest decile have their entire 95% CI fully contained in the lowest and highest decile, respectively, while PRS-Bayes...

Wang, Xinan; Zhang, Ziwei; Dang, Yi; Chen, Tony; Mucci, Lorelei; Albanes, Demetrios; Landi, Maria Teresa; Caporaso, Neil E.; Lam, Stephen; Tardon, Adonina; Chen, Chu; Bojesen, Stig E.; Johansson, Mattias; Risch, Angela; Bickeböller, Heike; Wichmann, H-Erich; Rennert, Gadi; Arnold, Susanne; Brennan, Paul; McKay, James D.; Field, John K.; Shete, Sanjay S.; Le Marchand, Loic; Liu, Geoffrey; Andrew, Angeline S.; Kiemeney, Lambertus A.; Zienolddiny, Shanbeh; Behndig, Annelie; Johansson, Mikael; Cox, Angie; Lazarus, Philip; Schabath, Matthew B.; Aldrich, Melinda C.; Hung, Rayjean J.; Amos, Christopher I.; Lin, Xihong; Christiani, David C.
Genome Medicine 16(1)
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