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  • 2024

Background Crystalline silica (CS) exposure can cause serious lung disease in humans, but mechanisms of pulmonary toxicity have not been completely elucidated. Aims To assess pro-inflammatory and anti-inflammatory biomarkers and biomarkers related to the development of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease and fibrosis in serum of rock drillers exposed to CS. Methods Rock drillers (N = 123) exposed to CS and non-specified particulate matter (PM) were compared to 48 referents without current or past exposure to PM in a cross-sectional study. Results The rock drillers had been exposed to CS for 10.7 years on average. Geometric mean (GM) current exposure was estimated to 36 µg/m3. Their GM concentration of matrix metalloproteinase 12 (MMP-12) was significantly higher (16 vs. 13 ng/L; p = 0.04), while interleukin (IL) 6 and IL-8 were significantly lower compared to the referents. Also pentraxin 3 was significantly lower (3558 vs. 4592 ng/L; p = 0.01) in the rock drillers. A dose-response relationship was observed between cumulative exposure to CS and MMP-12, the highest exposed subgroup having significantly higher MMP-12 concentrations than the referents. Conclusion Exposure to CS may increase circulating MMP-12 concentrations in a dose-response related fashion. The results may also suggest a down-regulation of pro-inflammatory pathways.

Ellingsen, Dag; Sikkeland, Liv Ingunn Bjoner; Lund, May Britt; Skaugset, Nils Petter; Ulvestad, Bente
International Archives of Occupational and Environmental Health
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