Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Kartlegging av arbeidsmiljøforhold i IA-bransjeprogram

STAMI-rapport nr. 2/2022. Dette er en delrapport i prosjektet «Kartlegging av arbeidsmiljøforhold i IA-bransjeprogram» som forskere ved S...

Hanvold, Therese Nordberg; Degerud, Eirik Magnus Meek; Sterud, Tom

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

A conceptual framework addressing the complex labour market dynamics of the work-to-retirement process

The way in which retirement is conceptualized and measured is likely to influence the research findings. The previous literature has addr...

Leinonen, Taina; Boets, Isabelle; Pletea, Elisabeta; Vandenbroeck, Sofie; Mehlum, Ingrid Sivesind; Hasselhorn, Hans-Martin; de Wind, Astrid

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

The differentiated roles of health in the transition from work to retirement – conceptual and methodological challenges and avenues for future research

Objectives The aim of this discussion paper is to (i) identify the differentiated roles of health in the work–retirement transition, and,...

Hasselhorn, Hans-Martin; Leinonen, Taina; Bültmann, Ute; Mehlum, Ingrid Sivesind; du Prel, Jean-Baptist; Kiran, Sibel; Majery, Nicole; Solovieva, Svetlana E.; de Wind, Astrid

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Hearing loss, sick leave, and disability pension. Findings from the HUNT follow-up study

Background Evidence on the association between hearing loss and sick leave or disability pension is to a great extent based on few cross-...

Jørgensen, Astrid Ytrehus; Aarhus, Lisa; Engdahl, Bo Lars; Bratsberg, Bernt Magne; Skirbekk, Vegard Fykse; Mehlum, Ingrid Sivesind

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

HPV self-sampling among long-term non-attenders to cervical cancer screening in Norway: a pragmatic randomised controlled trial

Background Cervical cancer screening participation is suboptimal in most settings. We assessed whether human papillomavirus (HPV) self-sa...

Aasbø, Gunvor; Trope, Ameli; Nygård, Mari; Christiansen, Irene Kraus; Baasland, Ingrid; Iversen, Grete Alræk; Munk, Ane Cecilie Dæhli; Christiansen, Marit Halonen; Presthus, Gro Kummeneje; Undem, Karina; Bjørge, Tone ...

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Gender Differences in Associations between Biomechanical and Psychosocial Work Exposures and Age of Withdrawal from Paid Employment among Older Workers

Background: Work exposures are known predictors of withdrawal from employment, but the associations between work exposures and withdrawal...

Undem, Karina; Leinonen, Taina; Kristensen, Petter; Merkus, Suzanne; Hasting, Rachel Louise; Gran, Jon Michael; Mehlum, Ingrid Sivesind

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Impact of the Norwegian Agreement for a More Inclusive Working Life on diagnosis-specific sickness absence in young adults: a difference-in-difference analysis

Background The Norwegian Agreement for a More Inclusive Working Life (the IA Agreement) aims to reduce sickness absence (SA) and increase...

Hasting, Rachel Louise; Merkus, Suzanne; Hanvold, Therese Nordberg; Kristensen, Petter; Gran, Jon Michael; Mehlum, Ingrid Sivesind

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Effects of the Labour Inspectorate Authority's regulatory tools on psychosocial and biomechanical work factors in Norwegian home care services: A cluster randomised controlled trial

Objectives This study aimed to determine the effects of the Labour Inspectorate Authority’s (LIA’s) regulatory tools on psychosocial and ...

Garshol, Bjørnar Finnanger; Knardahl, Stein; Emberland, Jan Shahid; Skare, Øivind; Johannessen, Håkon Andre

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Association of allergic diseases and epilepsy with risk of glioma, meningioma and acoustic neuroma. Results from the INTERPHONE international case–control study

We investigated the association of allergic diseases and epilepsy with risk of brain tumours, in Interphone, a 13-country case–control st...

Schlehofer, Brigitte; Blettner, Maria; Moissonnier, Monika; Deltour, Isabelle; Giles, Graham G.; Armstrong, Bruce; Siemiatycki, Jack; Parent, Marie-Elise; Krewski, Daniel; Johansen, Christofer; Auvinen, Anssi ...

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Ulykker i bygg og anlegg – rapport 2022. Samarbeid for sikkerhet i bygg og anlegg

Det har vore eit stabilt tal på arbeidsskadedødsfall i bygg- og anleggsbransjen dei siste tre åra. Men i 2021 vart talet på meldte arbeid...

Mostue, Bodil Aamnes; Glas, Sophie; Nyrønning, Cecilie Åldstedt; Gravseth, Hans Magne Ulrik

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Educational attainment and mortality in schizophrenia

Background Individuals suffering from schizophrenia have a reduced life expectancy with cardiovascular disease (CVD) as a major contribut...

Tesli, Martin Steen; Degerud, Eirik Magnus Meek; Plana-Ripoll, Oleguer; Gustavson, Kristin; Torvik, Fartein Ask; Ystrøm, Eivind; Ask, Helga; Tesli, Natalia; Høye, Anne; Stoltenberg, Camilla; Reichborn-Kjennerud, Ted ...

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Utilizing a Nordic Crosswalk for Occupational Coding in an Analysis on Occupation-Specific Prolonged Sickness Absence among 7 Million Employees in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden

We identified occupations with a high incidence of prolonged sickness absence (SA) in Nordic employees and explored similarities and diff...

Solovieva, Svetlana E.; Undem, Karina; Falkstedt, Daniel; Johansson, Gun; Kristensen, Petter; Pedersen, Jacob; Viikari-Juntura, Eira; Leinonen, Taina; Mehlum, Ingrid Sivesind

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Applying the exposome concept to working life health. The EU EPHOR project

Exposures at work have a major impact on noncommunicable diseases (NCDs). Current risk reduction policies and strategies are informed by ...

Pronk, Anjoeka; Loh, Miranda; Kuijpers, Eelco; Albin, Maria; Selander, Jenny; Godderis, Lode; Ghosh, Manosij; Vermeulen, Roel; Peters, Susan; Mehlum, Ingrid Sivesind; Turner, Michelle C. ...

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Associations of Binge Drinking with the Risks of Ischemic Heart Disease and Stroke: A Study of Pooled Norwegian Health Surveys

Norwegian health survey data (1987 – 2003) were analysed to determine if binge drinking increases the risk of incident major events from ...

Degerud, Eirik Magnus Meek; Høiseth, Gudrun; Mørland, Jørg; Ariansen, Inger Kristine Holtermann; Graff-Iversen, Sidsel; Ystrøm, Eivind; Zuccolo, Luisa; Tell, Grethe S.; Næss, Øyvind

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Faktabok om arbeidsmiljø og helse 2021. Status og utviklingstrekk

I rapporten Faktabok om arbeidsmiljø og helse gir STAMI en samlet oversikt over arbeidsmiljø- og arbeidshelsetilstanden blant sysselsatte...

Bakke, Berit; Degerud, Eirik Magnus Meek; Gravseth, Hans Magne Ulrik; Hanvold, Therese Nordberg; Løvseth, Eva Kristin; Mjaaland, Beate; Sterud, Tom; Øygardslia, Helene

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

A hybrid landmark Aalen-Johansen estimator for transition probabilities in partially non-Markov multi-state models

Multi-state models are increasingly being used to model complex epidemiological and clinical outcomes over time. It is common to assume t...

Maltzahn, Niklas; Hoff, Rune; Aalen, Odd O.; Mehlum, Ingrid S.; Putter, Hein; Gran, Jon Michael

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Migrant workers occupational health research: an OMEGA-NET working group position paper

Objective: The aims of the study were: (1) to clarify the definitions of "migrant" used in occupational health research; (2) to summarize...

Aktas, Emine; Bergbom, Barbara; Godderis, Lode; Kreshpaj, Bertina; Marinov, Mario; Mates, Dana; McElvenny, Damien M.; Mehlum, Ingrid Sivesind; Milenkova, Valentina; Nena, Evangelia; Glass, Deborah C.

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Helseproblemer og ulykker i bygg og anlegg – rapport 2021. Samarbeid for sikkerhet i bygg og anlegg

Rapporten beskriver utviklingen av arbeidsskadedødsfall og arbeidsskader i bygg og anlegg de siste ni år. Vi gir en kort omtale av arbeid...

Mostue, Bodil Aamnes; Winge, Stig; Eikrem, Anne Marie Lund; Gravseth, Hans Magne Ulrik

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Harmonized definition of occupational burnout. A systematic review, semantic analysis and Delphi consensus in 29 countries

Objective A consensual definition of occupational burnout is currently lacking. We aimed to harmonize the definition of occupational burn...

Canu, Irina Guseva; Marca, Sandy Carla; Dell'Oro, Francesca; Balázs, Ádám; Bergamaschi, Enrico; Besse, Christine; Bianchi, Renzo; Bislimovska, Jovanka; Bjelajac, Adrijana Koscec; Bugge, Merete Drevvatne; Busneag, Carmen Iliana ...

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2020

Work participation in young Norwegians: a 19-year follow up in a registry-based life-course cohort.

Aims: The study objectives were to provide a quantitative description of work participation among young adults, and to outline the relati...

Kristensen, Petter; Hanvold, Therese Nordberg; Hasting, Rachel Louise; Merkus, Suzanne; Hoff, Rune; Mehlum, Ingrid Sivesind

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2020

High-Intensity Training Reduces CVD Risk Factors among Rotating Shift Workers: An Eight-Week Intervention in Industry

Mamen, Asgeir; Øvstebø, Reidun; Sirnes, Per Anton; Nilsen, Pia; Skogstad, Marit

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2020

Occupational Medicine and Environmental Health in the Border Areas of Euro-Arctic Barents Region. A Review of 30-Year Russian–Norwegian Research Collaboration Outcomes

This year marks 30 years of close collaboration between a consortium of institutions, namely, the Northwest Public Health Research Center...

Chashchin, Valery; Gorbanev, Sergey; Thomassen, Yngvar; Nieboer, Evert; Ellingsen, Dag; Syurin, Sergei; Nikanov, Alaksandr; Chashchin, Max; Odland, Jon Øyvind

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2020

Long-term sickness absence among young and middle-aged workers in Norway. The impact of a population-level intervention

Background The study objective was to evaluate the impact of a population-level intervention (the IA Agreement) on the of one-year risk f...

Hanvold, Therese Nordberg; Kristensen, Petter; Corbett, Karina; Hasting, Rachel Louise; Mehlum, Ingrid Sivesind

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2020

Work-life prevalence of self-reported occupational injuries in mothers of a birth cohort

Purpose: To study self-reported occupational injuries among mothers of a large birth cohort study and to assess the relation of their cha...

Amaro, Joana; Queiroga, Ana Catarina; Amaro, João; Mehlum, Ingrid Sivesind; Lucas, Raquel

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2020

En bra dag på jobb. Forebyggende arbeidsmiljøarbeid i praksis. Evaluering av pilotprosjekt

STAMI-rapport nr. 3/2020. Sluttrapport fra pilotprosjektet «En bra dag på jobb – forebyggende arbeidsmiljøarbeid i praksis»

Evensen, Mariama Cham; Schøning, Margrethe; Goffeng, Elisabeth Martinsen; Smith-Isaksen, Marte; Molander, Pål