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  • 2021

A valid, standardized tool for assessing workplace safety can help organizations and employers to detect potential safety risks. This is crucial to improve safety and protect employees and production against accidents and injuries. As no such tool has so far been developed for the waste management industry, this study aimed to establish the psychometric properties and the concurrent validity of the 11-item Brief Norwegian Safety Climate Inventory (Brief NORSCI). A cross-sectional questionnaire study was conducted with 543 workers from the formal Norwegian waste management industry. Exploratory and confirmatory factor analyses showed that the Brief NORSCI exhibited good psychometric properties. Replicating previous validation studies of the inventory, the findings suggested a three-factor structure reflecting Individual intention and motivation, Management’s prioritization of safety, and Safety routines. The three first-order factors of the inventory could be combined in a composite second-order safety climate factor. Both the overall composite score and the three subscales correlated in the expected directions with measures of job characteristics (i.e., job demands and resources), leadership, social climate, and severe accidents, thus indicating high concurrent validity. This study supported the validity and reliability of the Brief NORSCI as an assessment tool to measure both individual safety perceptions and group level...

Waste Management 121: 87–94
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