This article re-examines the relation between The Inventory of Interpersonal Problems (IIP-64C) and the Five-Factor Model of personality, using both normative and statistic ipsative scores in the partitioning of the IIP-64C item set. A non-clinical sample (n = 132) completed the NEO-FFI personality inventory and the IIP-64C. In accordance with previous studies, Agreeableness and Extraversion were linked with IIP-64C, regardless of type of partitioning of the IIP-64C item set. Neuroticism had a strong association with interpersonal problems based on normative scores, but statistic ipsation removed this association. While the normative IIP-64C scores did not confirm the structural properties of the Circumplex model, the ipsatized scores did. In conclusion, the use of statistical ipsation of the IIP-64C could be a useful addition to traditional personality assessment procedures.

Nysæter, Tor Erik; Langvik, Eva Oddrun; Berthelsen, Mona; Nordvik, Hilmar
Nordic Psychology 61(3): 82–93
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