Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Low Back Pain With Persistent Radiculopathy; the Clinical Role of Genetic Variants in the Genes SOX5, CCDC26/GSDMC and DCC

In a recently published genome-wide association study (GWAS) chronic back pain was associated with three loci; SOX5, CCDC26/GSDMC and DCC...

Lie, Marie; Pedersen, Linda Margareth; Heuch, Ingrid; Winsvold, Bendik K S; Gjerstad, Johannes; Hasvik, Eivind Olay; Nygaard, Øystein Petter; Grotle, Margreth; Matre, Dagfinn; Zwart, John Anker Henrik; Nilsen, Kristian Bernhard

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

An Exploratory Study on the Physical Activity Health Paradox. Musculoskeletal Pain and Cardiovascular Load during Work and Leisure in Construction and Healthcare Workers

Using a novel approach, this exploratory study investigated whether the physical activity (PA) paradox extends to cardiovascular load and...

Merkus, Suzanne; Coenen, Pieter; Forsman, Mikael; Knardahl, Stein; Veiersted, Kaj Bo; Mathiassen, Svend Erik

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Strømgjennomgang fra lavspenning – forslag til nye anbefalinger

Elektrisitet kan medføre skader av varierende alvorlighetsgrad, fra ingen helsemessige konsekvenser til dødsfall (1). De siste 20 årene h...

Bjørnsen, Lars Petter Bache-Wiig; Svendsen, Trude Beathe; Bærheim, Dina; Dale, Jostein; Vesterfjell, Svend Peder; Ofstad, Eirik Hugaas; Næss-Pleym, Lars E.; Goffeng, Lars Ole

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Weaker association between hearing loss and non-employment in recent generations. The HUNT cohort study

Objectives To examine the prevalence of hearing loss (HL) among employed persons, the association between HL and non-employment, assessin...

Jørgensen, Astrid; Engdahl, Bo Lars; Mehlum, Ingrid Sivesind; Aarhus, Lisa

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Cohort difference in the association between use of recreational firearms and hearing loss: findings from the HUNT study

Engdahl, Bo Lars; Aarhus, Lisa

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2022

Low-voltage electrical accidents, immediate reactions and acute health care associated with self-reported general health 4 years later

Background and aims Electricians frequently experience low-voltage electrical accidents. Some such accidents involve long-term negative h...

Goffeng, Lars Ole; Skare, Øivind; Brinchmann, Bendik Christian; Bjørnsen, Lars Petter Bache-Wiig; Veiersted, Kaj Bo

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Introducing a new design of digital tool to increase vibration risk assessments: challenges with education-based interventions

Purpose. The aim of the study was to investigate if introducing a digital-tool risk assessments tool, the Swedish National Vibration Data...

Petterson, Hans; Graff, Pål; Fornander, Louise; Westerlund, Jessica; Björ, Bodil; Sjödin, Fredrik

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and Hand-Arm Vibration: A Swedish National Registry Case-Control Study

Vihlborg, Per; Petterson, Hans; Makdoumi, Karim; Wikström, Sverre; Bryngellson, Ing-Liss; Selander, Jenny; Graff, Pål

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Faktabok om arbeidsmiljø og helse 2021. Status og utviklingstrekk

I rapporten Faktabok om arbeidsmiljø og helse gir STAMI en samlet oversikt over arbeidsmiljø- og arbeidshelsetilstanden blant sysselsatte...

Bakke, Berit; Degerud, Eirik Magnus Meek; Gravseth, Hans Magne Ulrik; Hanvold, Therese Nordberg; Løvseth, Eva Kristin; Mjaaland, Beate; Sterud, Tom; Øygardslia, Helene

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Personal music players and hearing loss. The HUNT Cohort Study

It is unclear whether the current average use of personal music players (PMPs) including mobile phones has affected hearing in the genera...

Engdahl, Bo Lars; Aarhus, Lisa

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Diagnostic criteria for musculoskeletal disorders for use in occupational healthcare or research. A scoping review of consensus- and synthesised-based case definitions

Background The aim of this study was to identify case definitions of diagnostic criteria for specific musculoskeletal disorders (MSDs) fo...

van der Molen, Henk F.; Visser, Steven; Alfonso, Jose Hernan; Curti, Stefania; Mattioli, Stefano; Rempel, David; Roquelaure, Yves; Kuijer, Paul F.M.; Tamminga, Sietske J.

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Diminished Cold Avoidance Behaviours after Chronic Cold Exposure. Potential Involvement of TRPM8

Ambient temperature changes trigger plastic biological responses. Cold temperature is detected by the somatosensory system and evokes per...

Ezzatpanah, Somayeh; Eriksen, Mina Baarnes; Moe, Anne-Mari Gjestvang; Haugen, Fred

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Associations of objectively measured total duration and maximum bout length of standing at work with lower-extremity pain intensity. A 2-year follow-up of construction and healthcare workers

Background Musculoskeletal disorders are among the major reasons for years lived with disability. Approximately one third of the European...

Lunde, Lars-Kristian; Merkus, Suzanne; Koch, Markus; Knardahl, Stein; Wærsted, Morten; Veiersted, Kaj Bo

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Hand-arm vibration exposure in rock drill workers. A comparison between measurements with hand-attached and tool-attached accelerometers

Objectives To assess the hazard of tool vibrations, we need valid exposure measurements. The use of hand-attached accelerometers (vibrati...

Clemm, Thomas; Nordby, Karl-Christian; Lunde, Lars-Kristian; Ulvestad, Bente; Bråtveit, Magne

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Explaining better hearing in Norway. A comparison of two cohorts 20 years apart - the HUNT study

Background The hearing function at a given age seems to have improved in more recent born cohorts in industrialized countries. But the re...

Engdahl, Bo Lars; Stigum, Hein; Aarhus, Lisa

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Arterial abnormalities in the hands of workers with vibration white fingers. A magnetic resonance angiography case series

Vibration white finger (VWF) is a complication from exposure to hand-arm vibrations. Poor knowledge of the pathophysiology of VWF means t...

Vihlborg, Per; Makdoumi, Karim; Gavlovská, Hana; Wikström, Sverre; Graff, Pål

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Adherence to self-managed exercises for patients with persistent subacromial pain: The Ad-Shoulder feasibility study

Background Exercise is recommended for patients with subacromial pain. It has been suggested that good exercise adherence improves clinic...

Major, Daniel Høgli; Grotle, Margreth; Littlewood, Chris; Brox, Jens Ivar; Matre, Dagfinn; Gallet, Heidi Marie Veeser; Røe, Yngve

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Diagnostic radiological examinations and risk of intracranial tumours in adults—findings from the Interphone Study

Background: Exposure to high doses of ionizing radiation is among the few wellestablished brain tumour risk factors. We used data from th...

Auvinen, Anssi; Cardis, Elisabeth; Blettner, Maria; Moissonnier, Monika; Sadetzki, Siegal; Giles, Graham; Johansen, Christoffer; Swerdlow, Anthony; Cook, Angus; Fleming, Sarah; Berg-Beckhoff, Gabriele ...

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Towards harmonisation of case definitions for eight work-related musculoskeletal disorders - an international multi-disciplinary Delphi study

Background International consensus is needed on case definitions of work-related musculoskeletal disorders and diseases (MSDs) for use in...

Tamminga, Sietske J.; Kuijer, P. Paul F.M.; Badarin, Kathryn; Alfonso, Jose Hernan; Amaro, Joana; Curti, Stefania; Canu, Irina Guseva; Mattioli, Stefano; Mehlum, Ingrid Sivesind; Rempel, David; Roquelaure, Yves ...

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Tremor measurements in a 22-year cohort study of workers exposed to hand-held vibrating tools

Objectives The objectives of this cohort study were to evaluate possible long-term effects of occupational exposure to hand-arm vibration...

Bast-Pettersen, Rita; Nordby, Karl-Christian; Wastensson, Gunilla; Aarhus, Lisa

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

The effect of toll-like receptor ligands on energy metabolism and myokine expression and secretion in cultured human skeletal muscle cells

Skeletal muscle plays an important role in glycaemic control and metabolic homeostasis, making it a tissue of interest with respect to ty...

Tingstad, Ragna Husby; Norheim, Frode Amador; Haugen, Fred; Feng, Yuan Zeng; Tunsjø, Hege; Thoresen, G. Hege; Rustan, Arild Christian; Charnock, Colin; Aas, Vigdis

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Pasienter med strømgjennomgang fra lavspenning henvist til et akuttmottak

BAKGRUNN Pasienter utsatt for strøm henvises ofte til akuttmottaket, men det er ulike retningslinjer for hvordan disse bør håndteres. Vi ...

Svendsen, Trude Beathe; Bærheim, Dina; Dale, Jostein; Goffeng, Lars Ole; Vesterfjell, Svend Peder; Ofstad, Eirik Hugaas; Næss-Pleym, Lars E.; Bjørnsen, Lars Petter Bache-Wiig

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2021

Novel methods for cold exposure of skeletal muscle in vivo and in vitro show temperature-dependent myokine production

Proteins secreted from skeletal muscle serving a signalling role have been termed myokines. Many of the myokines are exercise factors, pr...

Krapf, Solveig Astrid; Schjølberg, Tiril; Asoawe, Lucia; Honkanen, Susanna Kyllikki; Kase, Eili Tranheim; Thoresen, G. Hege; Haugen, Fred

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2020

Dose-response relationship between hand-arm vibration exposure and vibrotactile thresholds among roadworkers

Background Testing of vibration perception threshold (VPT) at the fingertips as a quantitative measure of tactile sensitivity is a common...

Clemm, Thomas; Færden, Karl; Ulvestad, Bente; Lunde, Lars-Kristian; Nordby, Karl-Christian

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2020

Can a metric combining arm elevation and trapezius muscle activity predict neck/shoulder pain? A prospective cohort study in construction and healthcare

Objective To determine whether a composite metric of arm elevation and trapezius activity (i.e. neck/shoulder load) is more strongly asso...

Merkus, Suzanne; Mathiassen, Svend Erik; Lunde, Lars-Kristian; Koch, Markus; Wærsted, Morten; Forsman, Mikael; Knardahl, Stein; Veiersted, Kaj Bo