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  • 2023


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Background We aimed to assess the association between chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and long-term hearing decline. A further aim was to study sex differences. Methods Population-based cohort study in Norway (the HUNT study) with baseline measurements in 1996–1998 and follow-up in 2017–2019. The sample included 12,082 participants (43% men, mean age at follow-up 64 years). We used multiple linear regression to assess the association between COPD (minimum one registered ICD-10 code with emphysema or other COPDs during follow-up) and 20-year hearing decline in the low/mid/high frequency area (0.25–0.5/1–2/3-8 kHz). We adjusted for age, sex, education, smoking, noise exposure, ear infections, hypertension and diabetes. Results Persons registered with COPD (N = 403) had larger 20-year hearing decline at low frequencies (1.5 dB, 95% confidence interval (CI) 0.6–2.3) and mid frequencies (1.2 dB, 95% CI 0.4–2.1), but not at high frequencies. At high frequencies, the association was stronger and statistically significant only among women (1.9 dB, 95% CI 0.6–3.2). Persons registered with both COPD and respiratory failure (N = 19) had larger 20-year hearing decline at low and mid frequencies: 7.4 dB (95% CI 3.6–11.2) and 4.5 dB (95% CI 0.7–8.4), respectively. Conclusion Our large cohort study shows an association between...

Aarhus, Lisa; Sand, Morten; Engdahl, Bo Lars
Respiratory Medicine 212
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