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  • 2021

Potentially, the toxicity of multiwalled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) can be reduced in a safe-by-design strategy. We investigated if genotoxicity and pulmonary inflammation of MWCNTs from the same batch were lowered by a) reducing length and b) introducing COOH-groups into the structure. Mice were administered: 1) long and pristine MWCNT (CNT-long) (3.9 μm); 2) short and pristine CNT (CNT-short) (1 μm); 3) CNT modified with high ratio COOH-groups (CNT-COOH-high); 4) CNT modified with low ratio COOH-groups (CNT-COOH-low). MWCNTs were dosed by intratracheal instillation at 18 or 54 μg/mouse (∼0.9 and 2.7 mg/kg bw). Neutrophils numbers were highest after CNT-long exposure, and both shortening the MWCNT and addition of COOH-groups lowered pulmonary inflammation (day 1 and 28). Likewise, CNT-long induced genotoxicity, which was absent with CNT-short and after introduction of COOH groups. In conclusion, genotoxicity and pulmonary inflammation of MWCNTs were lowered, but not eliminated, by shortening the fibres or introducing COOH-groups.

Hadrup, Niels; Knudsen, Kristina Bram; Carriere, Marie; Mayne-L'Hermite, Martine; Bobyk, Laure; Allard, Soline; Miserque, Frédéric; Pibaleau, Baptiste; Pinault, Mathieu; Wallin, Håkan; Vogel, Ulla
Environmental Toxicology and Pharmacology 87
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