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  • 2019


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Abstract: Objective: This study was to investigate the acute effects of hand-arm vibrations on the nerve functions of the hands, and the impact of the grip force applied to the vibrating tool during exposure. Methods: Grip strength and perception of vibration, touch, and temperature were evaluated using QST before and after vibration exposure in 21 occupationally unexposed individuals. The procedure was performed twice , with a higher grip force being applied during exposure on the second occasion. Results: Vibration perception was significantly impaired after both exposures. Grip strength, perception of touch and temperature were only significantly affected after the high grip force exposure. Conclusions: Exposure to hand-arm vibrations has acute effects on hand nerve function that are sensitive to the grip force applied during exposure.

Löfgren, Anton; Vihlborg, Per; Fornander, Louise; Bryngellson, Ing-Liss; Graff, Pål
Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine 62(2): 124–129
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