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  • 2003


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Purpose: First, to measure the O-2 uptake ((V) over dot O-2) and the blood lactate concentration during cross-country skiing at competition speed. Second, to compare these entities for the free technique and the classical technique. Further, to establish the subjects' (V) over dot O-2max and the (V) over dot O-2 corresponding to the onset of blood lactate accumulation (OBLA, 4 mmol.L-1) during skiing, and finally to relate these entities to those of treadmill running. Methods: Five high-level female junior cross-country skiers with a mean (V) over dot O-2max of 63 served as subjects in five tests: examination of the (V) over dot O-2max and the (V) over dot O-2 corresponding to the OBLA during up-hill cross-country skiing (both styles), inclined treadmill running, and a 6-km simulated cross-country ski race (both styles). Results: The (V) over dot O-2max obtained during up-hill cross-country skiing did not differ from that during treadmill running, nor did it differ between the two skiing styles. The peak heart rate wits significantly lower during uphill cross-country skiing than during treadmill running. During the simulated competitions, the (V) over dot O-2 averaged 84% of the (V) over dot O-2max or 95% of the (V) over dot O-2...

Welde, Boye; Evertsen, Frank; Heimburg, Erna Dianne von; Medbø, Jon Ingulf
Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise American College of Sports Medicine, Medicine & Science in Sports & Exercise 35(5): 818–825
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