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  • 2019

The raw concentration data for the research article entitled “Essential and non-essential trace elements in fish consumed by indigenous peoples of the European Russian Arctic” (Sobolev et al., 2019) [1] are herein presented. Fifteen fish species were collected in the Nenets Autonomous and Arkhangelsk Regions of the Russian Federation and were analysed for 9 elements (As, Cd, Co, Cu, Hg, Ni, Pb, Se and Zn). The sampling sites were located in the European parts of the Russian Arctic and sub-Arctic territories. Within these territories, Nenets indigenous peoples commonly catch and consume local fish. Based on questionnaire data, local fish sources constituted ∼ 90% of the total fish consumed by endemic individuals living in these regions. The data summarized in this publication fill a gap in knowledge.

Sobolev, Nikita; Nieboer, Evert; Aksenov, Andrey; Sorokina, Tatiana; Chashchin, Valery; Ellingsen, Dag; Varakina, Yulia; Plakhina, Elena; Kotsur, Dmitry; Kosheleva, Anna; Thomassen, Yngvar
Data in Brief 27
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