Due to demographic changes across Europe, often referred to as the ‘ageing society’, there are strong political interests in maintaining the labour force by prolonging working life, through decreasing early exit from work and increasing the actual retirement age. However, exit from work is a complex and dynamic process, involving different factors (e.g., push, pull, stay factors) at different levels (individual, workplace, society).

The PEROSH project ‘Prolonging Working Life’ was initiated in 2018 and aims to determine push and stay factors regarding labour market participation of elderly workers across different European countries. The project wants to support and improve initiatives for preserving elderly workers at the labour market across Europe, considering different regulations and cultures.

As part of the project, the 1st International Conference for the PEROSH institutions and close collaborators was held in May 2020, as an online meeting, arranged by the National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NFA) in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The 2nd International PEROSH Conference will be arranged by the National Institute of Occupational Health (STAMI) in Oslo, Norway, 21–22 September 2022, as a hybrid conference, i.e. a physical meeting with possibility of online participation. Presenters should preferably participate physically, if possible.

Participants can freely choose to participate online or physically. The aim of this conference is to share knowledge and stimulate networking within the PEROSH institutions about the topic of prolonging working life.

Location: National Institute of Occupational Health (STAMI), Gydas vei 8, Oslo, Norway. It is also possible to participate online.

Cost: Physical participation, including lunch, coffee/tea and dinner: 1200 NOK. Travel and accommodation expenses are not covered. Online participation is free.

Registration: Registration is now closed.

Abstract submission: Participants are encouraged to submit an abstract with their own research to be presented at the conference (about 10 min + 5 min discussion).
The Abstract template should be filled in, using the example template, and emailed to abstract.pwl@stami.noThe deadline is extended until May 15 2022.

Topics for the conference:
i. Covid-19 and work
ii. Remote work, non-standard work arrangements
iii. Work factors (ergonomic/mechanical, physical, chemical, biological)
iv. Psychosocial or organisational work factors (incl. positive factors, working time)
v. Senior policies and practical implementation of good senior practice in workplaces
vi. Possibilities for changing “track” (other work tasks or job type)
vii. New technologies, digitalization
viii. Age discrimination
ix. Individual factors and skills
x. Health surveillance systems in workplaces
xi. Country specific labour market policies related to age (early retirement, unemployment)