Nyhet 26. november 2021

Flykaptein: – Det er vanskelig å vurdere egen våkenhet

Mangel på søvn og hvile er et utbredt helseproblem blant skiftarbeidere. Flykaptein Kristin Lund har kjent på farene utmattelse kan skape...

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2017

The impact of sleep quality, fatigue and safety climate on the perceptions of accident risk among seafarers [L'impact de la qualite du sommeil, de la fatigue et du climat de securite sur la perception des risques d'accidents chez les marins]

Introduction: Seafaring is an extremely demanding profession that takes place in one of the most dangerous work environments possible. Th...

Hystad, Sigurd William; Nielsen, Morten Birkeland; Eid, Jarle

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2015

Maintenance of Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) in young CFS patients is associated with the 5-HTTLPR and SNP rs25531 A > G Genotype

Earlier studies have shown that genetic variability in the SLC6A4 gene encoding the serotonin transporter (5-HTT) may be important for th...

Meyer, Benedicte; Nguyen, Chinh Bkrong Thi Thuy; Moen, Aurora; Fagermoen, Frode Even; Sulheim, Dag; Nilsen, Hilde; Wyller, Vegard Bruun; Gjerstad, Johannes

Publikasjoner Utgivelsesår 2015

Effects of low-dose clonidine on cardiovascular and autonomic variables in adolescents with chronic fatigue: A randomized controlled trial

Background: Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) is a common and disabling condition in adolescence with few treatment options. A central featu...

Fagermoen, Frode Even; Sulheim, Dag; Winger, Anette; Andersen, Anders Mikal; Gjerstad, Johannes; Godang, Kristin; Rowe, Peter C; Saul, Philip J.; Skovlund, Eva; Wyller, Vegard Bruun