Advisory Work

STAMI provides knowledge, advice and support to all partners in the Norwegian working life, and is the Norwegian authorities’ main advisor upon issues related to work environment and occupational health.


With our scientific expertise at the core, STAMI offers a number of knowledge-based services to support Norwegian enterprises in the creation of sustainable work environments.

Knowledge-based services 

  • NOA –The National Surveillance System for Work Environment and Occupational Health. Coordinating, systematising, and disseminating facts and statistics about work environment and occupational health in Norway.
  • A-TID – the Norwegian working time registry, providing better data and knowledge on the interaction between working time arrangements and health and safety among Norwegian workers.
  • MUST – Employee surveys for Norwegian governmental agencies, scientifically based and measuring factors in the work environment with documented significance for employees’ health, absenteeism, well-being, and commitment.
  • EXPO – the National database for chemical exposure in the work environment
  • Regulatory toxicology
  • Occupational hygiene laboratory services
  • The Secretariat of Occupational Health Services
  • an Occupational medicine outpatient clinic
  • National counselling services for pregnant workers
  • Special services for risk related work environments
  • National Work Environment Library

Education and courses

STAMI has a particular responsibility for education and training in the field of work environment and occupational health. The courses we provide are research-based and tailored for personnel in occupational health services, and doctors specializing in occupational medicine. STAMI also organizes shorter webinars and seminars for a more general audience.