STAMI has been commissioned by the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion to establish the Norwegian working time registry, known as A-TID.

Research indicates that various working time arrangements, such as shift work or extended working hours, can impact people’s well-being and safety. However, more precise data on actual working hours is required to offer tailored recommendations that align with the specific needs of Norwegian companies and the health of their employees. Consequently, A-TID is actively collecting accurate working time data from Norwegian companies that electronically record their employees’ working hours.

The gathered data will be used to generate reports and statistics on working time for distribution to companies, the parties of working life, and occupational health and safety authorities. Additionally, the data will be used as a foundation for designing targeted research studies focusing on the correlation between working time and health.

A-TID is reaching out to small, medium-sized, and large Norwegian private companies that possess payroll data. Due to legal constraints outlined in the Public Administration Act § 13, STAMI is currently unable to recruit public companies.

The data collection process involves collaboration with various Workforce Management Systems (WFMS) for time registration. These WFMS are commonly used by companies for payroll calculations, ensuring that the required data is readily available. STAMI is responsible for recruiting companies, while the WFMS facilitates the secure transfer of data.

The recruitment process commenced in the fall of 2023, and currently, four companies have successfully delivered working time data to the data warehouse, spanning back to 2005. Three additional companies have signed agreements and are in the process of transferring their data. The data comes mainly from companies in the construction and production industry.

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