EXPO Online is a web solution where companies can register and retrieve data from occupational air measurements. By understanding the exposures in the working environment, companies can effectively target measures to minimize potential health risks.

Approximately 23 percent of employees report that they are exposed to dust, smoke, gas, steam, exhaust, or other chemicals at work. If this applies to your company, EXPO Online will be a useful tool for gaining an overview of the exposures.

Knowledge about occupational exposures, and whether exposure levels are high or low, provides a solid foundation for choosing and implementing effective preventive measures. This is an important part of companies’ occupational safety and health efforts to ensure that employees do not fall ill due to their working environment.

Free solution

EXPO Online is a free and secure web solution that companies can use to register and store data related to occupational air samples, providing them with an overview of their own air measurements. Gathering this information in one place enables comparison over time and makes it possible to see if preventive measures have been effective.

The web solution is a secure storage archive where only the company itself has access. STAMI has limited access to data and may only use information that cannot be traced back to the individual workplace, to get an overview of the exposures in Norwegian working life. This, in turn, can provide information about issues that needs to be researched further and areas where preventive efforts should be increased.

To conduct air sampling, special equipment is needed. Please contact a laboratory to arrange for sampling equipment and analysis. STAMI is one of the providers offering such laboratory services.

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