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Publication Published year 2022

An initiative for a more inclusive working life and its effect on return-to-work after sickness absence: a multistate longitudinal cohort study

Objectives To reduce sickness absence (SA) and increase work participation, the tripartite Agreement for a More Inclusive Working Life (I...

Hoff, Rune; Maltzahn, Niklas; Hasting, Rachel Louise; Merkus, Suzanne; Undem, Karina; Kristensen, Petter; Mehlum, Ingrid Sivesind; Gran, Jon Michael

Publication Published year 2022

Do regulatory tools instigate measures to prevent work-related psychosocial and ergonomic risk factors? A process evaluation of a Labour inspection authority trial in the Norwegian home-care services

Objective There is a research gap regarding the way managers and employee representatives respond to Labour Authority interventions targe...

Johannessen, Håkon Andre; Knardahl, Stein; Emberland, Jan Shahid; Skare, Øivind; Garshol, Bjørnar Finnanger

Publication Published year 2022

Quasi-monocrystalline silicon for low-noise end mirrors in cryogenic gravitational-wave detectors

Mirrors made of silicon have been proposed for use in future cryogenic gravitational-wave detectors, which will be significantly more sen...

Kiessling, Frank M.; Murray, Peter J.; Kinley-Hanlon, Maya; Buchovska, Iryna; Ervik, Torunn Kringlen; Graham, Victoria; Hough, Jim; Johnston, Ross; Pietsch, Mike; Rowan, Sheila; Schnabel, Roman ...

Publication Published year 2022

Exposure to persistent organic pollutants alters the serum metabolome in non-obese diabetic mice

Sinioja, Tim; Bodin, Johanna Eva; Duberg, Daniel; Dirven, Hubert; Berntsen, Hanne Friis; Zimmer, Karin Elisabeth; Nygaard, Unni Cecilie; Orešič, Matej; Hyötyläinen, Tuulia

Publication Published year 2022

Occupational risk variation of nasopharyngeal cancer in the Nordic countries

Background The aim of this study was to estimate occupational risk variation in the incidence of nasopharyngeal cancer (NPC) in a large p...

Carpén, Timo; Gille, Evelina; Hammarstedt-Nordenvall, Lalle; Hansen, Johnni; Heikkinen, Sanna; Lynge, Elsebeth; Selander, Jenny; Mehlum, Ingrid Sivesind; Eyrún Torfadottir, Jóhanna; Mäkitie, Antti; Pukkala, Eero

Publication Published year 2022

Perceived ability to defend oneself against negative treatment at work: Gender differences and different types of bullying behaviours

A lack of ability to defend oneself against bullyingbehaviour is considered a defining aspect of workplacebullying. The aim of the presen...

Rosander, Michael; Nielsen, Morten Birkeland

Publication Published year 2022

Onset of Work-Life Conflict Increases Risk of Subsequent Psychological Distress in the Norwegian Working Population

We aimed to assess whether the onset of work-life conflict is associated with a risk of subsequent onset of psychological distress. Respo...

Marti, Andrea Rørvik; Degerud, Eirik Magnus Meek; Sterud, Tom

Publication Published year 2022

Incidence of cancer among Nordic police officers

Police work may expose officers to various circumstances that have potential for increasing their risk of cancer, including traffic-relat...

Heikkinen, Sanna; Demers, Paul A.; Hansen, Johnni; Jakobsen, Jarle; Kjærheim, Kristina; Lynge, Elsebeth; Martinsen, Jan Ivar; Mehlum, Ingrid Sivesind; Pitkaniemi, Janne; Selander, Jenny; Torfadóttir, Jóhanna ...

Publication Published year 2022

Exposure to Client-Perpetrated Violence in the Child Welfare Service: Prevalence and Outcomes Using Two Different Measurement Methods

This study compared how two different measurement methods of client-perpetrated violence influence findings on prevalence rates and menta...

Parveen, Sana; Nielsen, Morten Birkeland; Reme, Silje Endresen; Finne, Live Bakke

Publication Published year 2022

Stress-induced headache in the general working population is moderated by the NRCAM rs2300043 genotype

Earlier findings suggest that social stress such as abusive supervision may promote pain. In the present study we examine the possible mo...

Sannes, Ann-Christin; Christensen, Jan Olav; Nielsen, Morten Birkeland; Gjerstad, Johannes