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Post 20. September 2023

Difficult to defend oneself against exposure to bullying behaviour

Are some employees better equipped to defend themselves against workplace bullying than others? A recent study investigates effects of th...

Project 19. September 2023

Night work, seasons, and sleepiness as occupational safety hazards in the Northern Areas (NORALERT)

The project investigates the impact of seasonal factors on employees working night shifts in the Northern Areas, with particular focus on...

Ongoing Project period 2021 – 2027
Post 28. August 2023

Bioaerosol exposure at automated and manual waste sorting plants

Working in the waste sorting industry can be associated with several health outcomes. A recent study from the National Institute of Occup...

Project 9. August 2023

Particle – cell interactions (PartiCell)

The project will contribute to the understanding of the mechanisms of inflammatory and fibrotic responses of pulmonary exposure to partic...

Ongoing Project period 2019 – 2024
Project 2. June 2023

Diesel exposure in the petroleum industry - What do we know and what do we not know?

The main goal of this project is to summarise information on diesel exhaust exposure from scientific published literature, STAMI reports ...

Ongoing Project period  – 
Post 15. May 2023

Shift work with night work and cardiovascular disease

Using new methods, researchers at the National Institute of Occupational Health in Norway (STAMI) have obtained new knowledge of the asso...

Project 8. May 2023

VIRIAM - Exposure to viruses in occupational settings

The project aims to fill knowledge gaps regarding airborne virus exposure in the sewage and waste management industries, to better unders...

Ongoing Project period 2022 – 2025
Project 5. May 2023

NanoBioReal - Towards a reliable assessment of nanomaterial health effects using advanced biological models and assays

This project focuses on creating and implementing realistic and new advanced laboratory methods (NAMs) to simulate the effects of nanopar...

Ongoing Project period 2019 – 2023
Project 28. April 2023

Bioaerosol exposure in the seafood industry

In this project, researchers analyse the composition of bioaerosols in the seafood industry and investigate the underlying cellular mecha...

Ongoing Project period 2020 – 2024
Project 28. April 2023

Exposure to pesticides and microbial diversity among greenhouse workers

The purpose of the project is to gain more knowledge about exposure to the most used pesticides among greenhouse workers in Norway, how t...

Ongoing Project period 2021 – 2024