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Project 8. October 2021

Muscle activity, breaks and neck pain (MetaEMG)

Today's working life has a large and increasing amount of repetitive and monotonous work. This type of work increases the risk of neck pa...

Ongoing Project period 2021 – 2023
Publication Published year 2021

Harmonized definition of occupational burnout: A systematic review, semantic analysis, and Delphi consensus in 29 countries

Canu, Irina Guseva; Marca, Sandy Carla; Dell'Oro, Francesca; Balázs, Ádám; Bergamaschi, Enrico; Besse, Christine; Bianchi, Renzo; Bislimovska, Jovanka; Bjelajac, Adrijana Koscec; Bugge, Merete Drevvatne; Busneag, Carmen Iliana ...

Publication Published year 2021

Essential and non-essential elements in biological samples of inhabitants residing in Nenets Autonomous Okrug of the Russian Arctic

Sobolev, Nikita; Ellingsen, Dag; Belova, Natalia; Aksenov, Andrey; Sorokina, Tatiana; Trofimova, Anna; Varakina, Yulia; Kotsur, Dmitriy; Grjibovski, Andrej; Chashchin, Valerii; Bogolitsyn, Konstantin ...

Publication Published year 2021

Safety incidents associated with extended working hours. A systematic review and meta-analysis

Matre, Dagfinn; Skogstad, Marit; Sterud, Tom; Nordby, Karl-Christian; Knardahl, Stein; Christensen, Jan Olav; Lie, Jenny-Anne Sigstad

Publication Published year 2021

Shift work, low-grade inflammation, and chronic pain: a 7-year prospective study

Christensen, Jan Olav; Nilsen, Kristian Bernhard; Hopstock, Laila Arnesdatter; Steingrimsdottir, Olöf Anna; Nielsen, Christopher Sivert; Zwart, John-Anker; Matre, Dagfinn

Publication Published year 2021

Exploring dynamic relationships between employees’ personalities and psychosocial work factors

Askim, Kine; Czajkowski, Nikolai Olavi; Knardahl, Stein

Publication Published year 2021

Maternal exposure to a human based mixture of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) affect gene expression related to brain function in mice offspring hippocampus

Myhre, Oddvar; Zimmer, Karin Elisabeth; Hudecova, Alexandra Misci; Hansen, Kristine Eraker Aasland; Khezri, Abdolrahman; Berntsen, Hanne Friis; Berg, Vidar; Lyche, Jan Ludvig; Mandal, Siddhartha; Duale, Nur; Ropstad, Erik

Publication Published year 2021

Metal additive manufacturing and possible clinical markers for the monitoring of exposure-related health effects

Ljunggren, Stefan A.; Ward, Liam J.; Graff, Pål; Persson, Anders; Lind, Malin Leijon; Karlsson, Helen

Publication Published year 2021

Assessing Lung Cancer Absolute Risk Trajectory Based on a Polygenic Risk Model

Hung, Rayjean J.; Warkentin, Matthew T.; Brhane, Yonathan; Chatterjee, Nilanjan; Christiani, David C.; Landi, Maria Teresa; Caporaso, Neil E.; Liu, Geoffrey; Johansson, Mattias; Albanes, Demetrius; Le Marchand, Loic ...

Publication Published year 2021

Experimental sleep restriction increases latency jitter in pain elicited cortical responses

Hansen, Johannes Orvin; Omland, Petter Moe; Nilsen, Kristian Bernhard; Sand, Trond; Matre, Dagfinn