The National Institute of Occupational Health (STAMI) offers a range of analyses related to assessments of chemical and biological exposures in the workplace.

In addition to research, we perform chemical analyses of air samples in connection with workplace assessments. We provide advice and guidance in the planning and implementation of sample collection, offering analyses and rental of sampling equipment. All laboratory services are carried out by prior arrangement.

All analysis results are anonymously entered into The National Register for Occupational Airborne Chemical and Biological Exposures, EXPO. Results of air sample analyses are electronically accessible via EXPO Online. We can also assist with analyses beyond our standard laboratory services, especially regarding issues that may be of interest to STAMI in a research context. Feel free to contact us for further information.

Overview of Laboratory Services

Analyses of inorganic compounds

Gases, acids, welding fumes, quartz, diesel exhaust, and elements in workplace air.

Analyses of organic compounds

Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), oil mist/vapors, solvents, isocyanates, aldehydes/formaldehyde, amines, and glycols in workplace air.

Analyses of bioaerosols

Endotoxins, spores, allergens, and biological dust in workplace air.

Other inquiries

Analyses beyond our standard laboratory services.

Why STAMI Offers Laboratory Services

STAMI is a research institute with administrative support tasks, offering various services in line with our societal mission given by our department (Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs). STAMI’s laboratory services are not operated for commercial purposes. These services enable STAMI to develop new analysis methods in line with the issues and needs in Norwegian working environments.

STAMI primarily focuses on methods not commercially performed by others. New methods are openly published so that commercial entities can also use them. It is in the interest of STAMI and the Norwegian society to have a qualitatively good commercial offering for these services, and STAMI seeks to contribute to this.

All results from air samples analysed at STAMI are entered into the The National Register for Occupational Airborne Chemical and Biological Exposures, EXPO, making the laboratory services a significant contribution to increased knowledge about chemical exposure in Norwegian working environments.

Exemption from Public Disclosure

Samples analysed at STAMI are exempt from public disclosure under the Public Administration Act § 13. This means that information about sample results and companies is not shared with the public.

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