The tool is intended to assist employees in collaborating to create a positive working environment that contributes to reduced sick leave and prevents withdrawal from working life. Our foundation is that the working environment is a product of how the work is organised, planned and carried out. Thus, a good working environment leads to better workflow, more motivated employees, and less work-related sick-leave.

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“A Great Day at Work” is tailored to various industries, based on research and developed through dialogue with businesses. The tool simplifies the process of improving the working environment. By presenting videos depicting typical challenges in a specific industry, it facilitates discussions among management and employees about challenges in their own workplace, so they can decide on an action plan together.

Local collaboration between management, employee representatives, and safety delegates is crucial for creating a positive work environment. Therefore, “A Great Day at Work” is structured so that leaders, union representatives, and safety delegates will collaborate in managing the process.

STAMI has developed the tool for 25 different industries, and more are to come. Our goal is to cover the entire Norwegian labour market.

Further reading: “En bra dag på jobb” website (in Norwegian).