STAMI's research creates knowledge about factors in the work environment with a positive impact on occupational health and job commitment, and factors that may cause health challenges, sick leave, disability, or withdrawal.


STAMI's research

  • We seek to uncover conditions of exposure, underlying mechanisms, and causal relationships, and to increase the knowledge about preventive measures.
  • The areas of research can be divided into organisational, psychosocial, physical (including mechanical), chemical and biological conditions.
  • In 2022, we produced 91 scientific publications.

STAMI is involved in around 60 research projects each year. Our interdisciplinary research environment consists of people with various professional backgrounds such as medicine, physiology, chemistry, biology, and psychology.

Divisions and research groups

Research group for Work Psychology and Physiology

The research group studies the effects of psychological, social and organizational work environment factors, as well as the significance of mechanical and physical working conditions’ impact on health, investigating mechanism and reasons for work-related complaints and diseases.

Head of research group:
Håkon Johannessen –

Research group for Occupational Medicine and Epidemiology

The research group develops and applies knowledge about work and health, among other things through the investigation of illness that is suspected to be related to work, mapping possible connections between work environment and illness.

Head of research group:
Karl-Christian Nordby –

Research group for Chemical Work Environment

The research group is engaged in the mapping and identification of chemical and biological pollution in the work environment, which may entail risk to the health of the workers, and in studying the mechanisms by which health outcomes occur. The group provides advice and guidance on sampling and offers analyzes of air and biological samples for occupational exposures.

Head of research group:
Nils Petter Skaugset –

Research group for Occupational Toxicology

The research group works with research and knowledge building on toxic effects on workers’ health originating from chemical and biological exposure. The group provides advice and guidance on risk factors, measures, limit values, and priorities related to working environment conditions in Norwegian working life.

Head of research group:
Shan Narui  –

National Surveillance System for Work Environment and Occupational Health

The Department of Occupational Health Surveillance (NOA) coordinates, systematizes and disseminates knowledge and statistics about the working environment and health to government authorities and other users.

Head of department:
Cathrine Haugene Ljoså –