STAMI is a professionally independent research institute under the Ministry of Labour and Social Inclusion. We combine research, surveillance, advisory work and education to the benefit of Norwegian working life.



  • 27. January 2023

Social mission

To motivate and facilitate knowledge-based prioritisation at workplace level and in the public administration.

Contribute to, and retrieve knowledge from, international research on relations between work environment and occupational health, to the benefit of Norwegian working life.


To produce, refine and disseminate knowledge about relations between work environment and occupational health, by:

  • Creating new knowledge through relevant research projects
  • Retrieving knowledge from the international research frontier
  • Monitoring trends and identifying new risk factors in Norwegian working life
  • Presenting knowledge about risk factors and preventive measures
  • Contributing to knowledge-based exercise of authority
  • Educating and upskilling occupational health and safety personnel


Research is STAMI’s core activity, and our scientific expertise forms the foundation for all our other activities. The institute provides knowledge, advice and support to both the public administration and the Norwegian working life in general. STAMI also has an advisory role to the Norwegian Labour and Petroleum Inspection Authorities.


STAMI is led by Director General Therese N. Hanvold.

Dag Ellingsen is the Director of Research, and Sture Rolfheim-Bye is the Director of Communications and International Relations.

For more information about STAMI’s research groups, projects and publications, please visit the research page.

Organization STAMI