Publication Published year 2023

High aspect ratio nanomaterial-induced macrophage polarization is mediated by changes in miRNA levels

Introduction: Inhalation of nanomaterials may induce inflammation in the lung which if left unresolved can manifest in pulmonary fibrosis...

Erdem, Johanna Samulin; Závodná, Táňa; Ervik, Torunn Kringlen; Skare, Øivind; Hron, Tomáš; Anmarkrud, Kristine H.; Kuśnierczyk, Anna; Catalán, Julia; Ellingsen, Dag; Topinka, Jan; Zienolddiny-Narui, Shanbeh

Publication Published year 2023

Effects of insufficient sleep on sensorimotor processing in migraine: A randomised, blinded crossover study of event related beta oscillations

Background Migraine has a largely unexplained connection with sleep and is possibly related to a dysfunction of thalamocortical systems a...

Mykland, Martin Syvertsen; Uglem, Martin; Bjørk, Marte-Helene; Matre, Dagfinn; Sand, Trond Halfdan; Omland, Petter Moe

Publication Published year 2023

The Prolonged Effect of Shift Work and the Impact of Reducing the Number of Nightshifts on Arterial Stiffness. A 4-Year Follow-Up Study

Aim: To assess changes in blood pressure (BP) and arterial stiffness among 84 rotating shift and 25 dayworkers (control subjects) at two ...

Skogstad, Marit; Goffeng, Elisabeth Martinsen; Skare, Øivind; Zardin, Erika

Publication Published year 2023

Luteolin protects against adipogenic and lipogenic potency induced by human relevant mixtures of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) in the 3T3-L1 model

Human exposure to persistent organic pollutants (POPs) may contribute to obesogenic effects. We have previously shown that POP mixtures m...

Xie, Y.; Berntsen, Hanne Friis; Zimmer, Karin Elisabeth; Ropstad, Erik; Verhaegen, Steven; Connolly, L.

Publication Published year 2023

Office design, telework from home, and self-certified sickness absence. A crosssectional study of main and moderating effects in a nationally representative sample

Objectives This study aimed to investigate (i) the main effects of office design and access to telework from home (TWFH) on self-certifie...

Borge, Randi Hovden; Johannessen, Håkon Andre; Fostervold, Knut Inge; Nielsen, Morten Birkeland

Publication Published year 2023

Hearing Loss, Hearing Aid Use, and Subjective Memory Complaints: Results of the HUNT Study in Norway

Objective. To study the association between hearing loss severity, hearing aid use, and subjective memory complaints in a large cross-sec...

Moradi, Shahram; Engdahl, Bo Lars; Johannessen, Aud; Selbæk, Geir; Aarhus, Lisa; Haanes, Gro Gade

Publication Published year 2023

Urinary iodine excretion and optimal time point for sampling when estimating 24-hour urinary iodine

Iodine deficiency may cause thyroid dysfunction. The iodine intake in a population is measured by urinary iodine concentration (UIC) in s...

Eriksson, Janna; Barregard, Lars; Sallsten, Gerd; Berlinger, Balasz; Weinbruch, Stephan; Manousou, Sofia; Ellingsen, Dag; Nyström, Helena Filipsson

Publication Published year 2022

An initiative for a more inclusive working life and its effect on return-to-work after sickness absence: a multistate longitudinal cohort study

Objectives To reduce sickness absence (SA) and increase work participation, the tripartite Agreement for a More Inclusive Working Life (I...

Hoff, Rune; Maltzahn, Niklas; Hasting, Rachel Louise; Merkus, Suzanne; Undem, Karina; Kristensen, Petter; Mehlum, Ingrid Sivesind; Gran, Jon Michael

Publication Published year 2022

Exposure to a human relevant mixture of persistent organic pollutants or to perfluorooctane sulfonic acid alone dysregulates the developing cerebellum of chicken embryo

Prenatal exposure to persistent organic pollutants (POPs) is associated with neurodevelopmental disorders. In the present study, we explo...

Yadav, Ajay; Verhaegen, Steven; Filis, Panagiotis; Domanska, Diana; Lyle, Robert; Sundaram, Arvind; Leithaug, Magnus; Østby, Gunn Charlotte; Aleksandersen, Mona; Berntsen, Hanne Friis; Zimmer, Karin Elisabeth ...

Publication Published year 2022

Hearing threshold and physical performance in older people: a cross-sectional study from the HUNT4 cohort

Purpose: To evaluate the association between increased hearing loss and reduced physical performance in older people. Methods: Cross-sect...

Kolasa, Sylwia Katarzyna; Bogen, Bård Erik; Nilsen, Roy Miodini; Nordahl, Stein Helge Glad; Goplen, Frederik Kragerud; Engdahl, Bo Lars; Meldrum, Dara; Berge, Jan Erik; Wilhelmsen, Kjersti Thulin; Thingstad, Pernille; Aarhus, Lisa ...