Open access to scientific publications promotes research and society’s use of research results. Through open access, researchers, businesses, the public sector, and the public gain access to the latest knowledge and can quickly put it to use. Openly available articles are consistently cited more than articles behind paywalls.

Definitions and overall policy

  • In line with Plan S, the Research Council of Norway requires there to be full and immediate open access to all scientific publications from projects they fund. This means that the articles must be made available without delay (embargo) and with an open license allowing reuse of the publication. The same requirement applies to research projects funded by the EU.
  • Scientific publications from STAMI should be made available either in publication portals with a publication fee, gold Open Access, or in the open science archive Brage, (STAMI’s open archive), also called green Open Access.

STAMI aims to ensure that all our research results, regardless of their source of funding (be it internally funded or partially internally/externally), will be made available in publication channels with Open Access and/or with green Open Access.
Regardless of the publication channel, full-text copies of scientific articles that are written by employees and students at STAMI must be continuously uploaded (deposited) in the national register Cristin (Current Research Information System in Norway), which is now being merged with the Nasjonalt Viten Arkiv (National Science Archive) to form the new system Cris/NVA. If a gold Open Access channel is used, the publisher’s PDF (Published version, Version of Record) must be uploaded.

Practical advice when publishing

To the extent possible, assessment of publication channels and planning of how to publish the project’s research results should be done in the initial phase of a research project. In Open Access journals, the scientific results will be made available worldwide. You will retain the copyright, while a public license, CC license, is applied to the article.

STAMI earmarks the funds for Open Access publishing in those cases where, for various reasons, this has not already been taken into account in the research project’s budget.

STAMI’s researchers are encouraged to choose high-quality publication channels, and simultaneously meet the requirements for immediate Open Access. If there is uncertainty about whether the journal being considered for publication is a serious journal, or a “predatory publisher”, it is recommended to check with the library staff, who can assist in checking the journal.