Project 11. July 2019

Assessment of violence and threats among child welfare employees in Oslo municipality

Employees in the child welfare service have a particularly high risk of experiencing violence and threats in connection with their work....

Ongoing Project period 2019 – 2023
Project 11. July 2019

Diesel exhaust, biomarkers and mechanisms of toxicity

Some workers are occupationally exposed to diesel exhaust, in particular those who work indoors where diesel driven machinery is used. Th...

Ongoing Project period 2019 – 2020
Project 11. July 2019

Exposure to asbestos by demolition and renovation of buildings

Although asbestos in building materials has been banned for more than 30 years, it is still estimated that more than a hundred people die...

Ongoing Project period 2018 – 2021
Project 11. July 2019

Skin exposure and skin problems among workers handling oil-drilling waste

This project aims to assess skin exposure among workers handling oil-drilling waste, effects of chemical exposure on the skin barrier, su...

Ongoing Project period 2017 – 2020
Project 7. December 2016

Project title: Generation, protection and health effects of nano-sized dust in the ferroalloy industry (DEMASKUS)

There are tremendous efforts applied in the ferroalloy and SiC industry to control and reduce exposures of the dust generated during the...

Ongoing Project period 2016 – 2017
Project 19. May 2015

Primary prevention of health complaints and sickness absence in the recycling industry

In this project effects of efforts targeting primary prevention of health complaints and sickness absence in the recycling industry in No...

Ongoing Project period 2015 – 2019
Project 30. September 2015

Fungal aerosol detection methods

Exposure to fungal particles in indoor or working environments has been suggested to play an important role in the development and exacer...

Ongoing Project period 2015 – 2016
Project 28. April 2015

Psychosomatic symptoms and mental distress related to stressful working conditions among nurses in Hebron. A longitudinal study

High levels of perceived stressful working conditions may have an adverse effect on physical and mental health. Occupational stressors a...

Ongoing Project period 2012 – 2016
Project 11. February 2015

Work, genes and pain

The purpose of the proposed project is to examine the interaction between genetics, MRI findings, gender, and work factors with regard to...

Ongoing Project period 2012 – 2016
Project 11. February 2015

A study of the nervous system in welders

Manganese (Mn) is one of the essential trace elements for humans. It has been proven  that a high exposure to Mn can cause serious and...

Ongoing Project period 2008 – 2015