Project 14. February 2022

The effects of office concepts on employee health and work ability

About 40 per cent of all Norwegian employees are seated in an office space at some point during their working day.

Ongoing Project period 2022 – 2025
Project 22. March 2023

PlasticsFatE (Plastics Fate and Effects in the human body)

The aim of the project is to improve our present understanding of the impact of micro- and nano-plastics, and associated additives and co...

Ongoing Project period 2021 – 2025
Project 8. October 2021

Muscle activity, breaks and neck pain (MetaEMG)

Today's working life has a large and increasing amount of repetitive and monotonous work. This type of work increases the risk of neck pa...

Ongoing Project period 2021 – 2023
Project 16. November 2020

EPHOR – Exposome Project for Health and Occupational Research

EPHOR (The Exposome Project for Health and Occupational Research) brings together an exceptional consortium for an exposome project on he...

Ongoing Project period 2020 – 2024
Project 11. July 2019

Assessment of violence and threats among child welfare employees in Oslo municipality

Employees in the child welfare service have a particularly high risk of experiencing violence and threats in connection with their work. ...

Ongoing Project period 2019 – 2023
Project 11. July 2019

Diesel exhaust, biomarkers and mechanisms of toxicity

Some workers are occupationally exposed to diesel exhaust, in particular those who work indoors where diesel driven machinery is used. Th...

Ongoing Project period 2019 – 2020
Project 27. May 2020

To what extent are work disability and exit from work preventable? Completing the Nordic Work Disability Database and utilizing it to look at occupation-specific prevention potential and working life expectancy

Maintaining high participation in the workforce is increasingly important in order to secure the financial basis of a welfare state. Thus...

Ongoing Project period 2019 – 2021
Project 16. November 2020

NOCCA New: New wave of joint Nordic studies on work and cancer

The Nordic cooperation project NOCCA is the largest and in many aspects qualitatively, the most unique research study ever done on occupa...

Ongoing Project period 2019 – 2024
Project 11. July 2019

Exposure to asbestos by demolition and renovation of buildings

Although asbestos in building materials has been banned for more than 30 years, it is still estimated that more than a hundred people die...

Ongoing Project period 2018 – 2021
Project 27. May 2020

Effects of workplace initiatives on sick leave and work participation – new statistical and causal models to utilise population registries

Sickness absence, work disability and withdrawal from the labour market are great burdens for society, companies and affected individuals...

Ongoing Project period 2018 – 2022