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  • 2023

Objectives This study aims to present an overview of the formal recognition of COVID-19 as occupational disease (OD) or injury (OI) across Europe. Methods A COVID-19 questionnaire was designed by a task group within COST-funded OMEGA-NET and sent to occupational health experts of 37 countries in WHO European region, with a last update in April 2022. Results The questionnaire was filled out by experts from 35 countries. There are large differences between national systems regarding the recognition of OD and OI: 40% of countries have a list system, 57% a mixed system and one country an open system. In most countries, COVID-19 can be recognised as an OD (57%). In four countries, COVID-19 can be recognised as OI (11%) and in seven countries as either OD or OI (20%). In two countries, there is no recognition possible to date. Thirty-two countries (91%) recognise COVID-19 as OD/OI among healthcare workers. Working in certain jobs is considered proof of occupational exposure in 25 countries, contact with a colleague with confirmed infection in 19 countries, and contact with clients with confirmed infection in 21 countries. In most countries (57%), a positive PCR test is considered proof of disease. The three most common compensation...

Nys, Evelien; Pauwels, Sara; Ádám, Balázs; Amaro, João; Athanasiou, Athanasios; Bashkin, Osnat; Bric, Tatjana Kofol; Bulat, Petar; Caglayan, Cigdem; Canu, Irina Guseva; Cebanu, Serghei; Charbotel, Barbara; Cirule, Jolanta; Curti, Stefania; Davidovitch, Nadav; Dopelt, Keren; Fikfak, Metoda Dodic; Frilander, Heikki; Gustavsson, Per; Höper, Anje Christina; Sibel, Kiran; Kogevinas, Manolis; Kudász, Ferenc; Kolstad, Henrik A.; Lazarevic, Sanja Brekalo; Macan, Jelena; Majery, Nicole; Marinaccio, Alessandro; Mates, Dana; Mattioli, Stefano; McElvenny, Damien Martin; Mediouni, Zakia; Mehlum, Ingrid Sivesind; Merisalu, Eda; Mijakoski, Dragan; Nena, Evangelia; Noone, Peter; Otelea, Marina Ruxandra; Pelclova, Daniela; Pranjic, Nurka; Rosso, Mark; Serra, Consol; Rushton, Lesley; Sandal, Abdulsamet; Schernhammer, Eva S.; Stoleski, Sasho; Turner, Michelle C.; van der Molen, Henk F.; Varga, Marek; Walusiak-Skorupa, Jolanta; Straif, Kurt; Godderis, Lode
Occupational and Environmental Medicine BMJ Publishing Group, Occupational and Environmental Medicine 80(12): 694–701
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