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  • 2010

The concentration levels of 11 perfluorinated carboxylic (PFCA) and eight sulfonic (PFSA) acids were determined in the serum of 13 professional ski waxers. The same components were also determined in workroom aerosols and in fluoro containing solid ski waxes and ski wax powders. The highest median concentration (50 ng/mL) was detected for perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA), which is around 25 times higher than the background level. For the first time perfluorotetradecanoic acid (PFTeDA) has been found in human serum. Positive statistically significant associations between years exposed as ski waxer and seven different PFCAs were observed. The serum concentrations of the PFCAs with carbon chain lengths from C8 to C11 were reduced by around five to 20% on average during the eight month exposure free interval, whereas the reduction was substantially larger when the carbon chain lengths were smaller than C8 or larger than C11. This study links for the first time PFCAs in the ski waxers serum to exposure from the work room aerosols. Not only professional ski waxers but also the significant larger group of amateur skiers and waxers are potentially exposed to these compounds.

Freberg, Baard Ingegerdsson; Haug, Line Småstuen; Olsen, Raymond; Daae, Hanne Line; Hersson, Merete; Thomsen, Cathrine; Syvert, Thorud; Becher, Georg; Molander, Pål; Ellingsen, Dag
Environmental Science and Technology ACS Publications, Environmental Science and Technology 44(19): 7723–7728
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