Purpose. To examine the performance of the MetaMax® I metabolic analyser of Cortex Biophysik, running a recent version of the software (MetaSoft v. 1.11.05), using the Douglas-bag method as reference. Experiments. First, 182 measurements of the maximal O2 uptake on school children were analysed both by a former version of the software (MetaMax Analysis) and by a recent version (MetaSoft). In further experiments, seven grown-up subjects of different fitness levels cycled for 5 min at constant powers between 50 and 350 W while the O2 uptake was measured simultaneously by the MetaMax I and the Douglas-bag method during the last minute of altogether 39 exercises. Results. The calculated maximal O2 uptake of the 182 school children was on average 3% lower when the data were reanalysed by MetaSoft than when analysed by the former version of the software. There was in addition a 2% variation. In further experiments on grown-up subjects the O2 uptake reported by the MetaMax I did not differ from that reported by the Douglas-bag system when data for all subjects were pooled, and the random error was 4%. However, the relationships differed slightly between the subjects (p = 0.005), and consequently the random error within each...

Medbø, Jon Ingulf; Mamen, Asgeir; Resaland, Geir Kåre
Scandinavian Journal of Clinical and Laboratory Investigation 72(2): 158–168
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