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  • 2019

Elemental carbon (EC) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) in air as markers for diesel exhaust (DE) emission exposure were measured in selected work environments in Norway where diesel-powered engines are in use. Two hundred and ninety personal full-shift air samples were collected in primary aluminium production, underground and open-pit mining, road tunnel finishing, transport of ore, and among airport baggage handlers. EC was determined in the samples by a thermo-optical method, while NO2 was determined by ion chromatography. Highest EC air concentrations (geometric mean, GM) were found in aluminium smelters (GM = 45.5 μg m−3) followed by road tunnel finishing (GM = 37.8 μg m−3) and underground mining activities (GM = 18.9 μg m−3). Low EC air concentrations were measured for baggage handling at an international airport (GM = 2.7 μg m−3) and in an open-pit mine (GM = 1.2 μg m−3). Air concentrations of NO2 were similar in road tunnel finishing (GM = 128 μg m−3) and underground mining (GM = 108 μg m−3). Lower NO2 values were observed in open-pit mining (GM = 50 μg m−3), at the airport (GM = 37 μg m−3), and in the aluminium smelters (GM = 27 μg m−3). Highly significant (P < 0.001)...

Berlinger, Balazs; Ellingsen, Dag; Romanova, Natalya; Friisk, Grete; Daae, Hanne Line; Weinbruch, Stephan; Skaugset, Nils Petter; Thomassen, Yngvar
Annals of Work Exposures and Health 63(3): 349–358
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