This study examined how strenuous strength training affected the Na-K pump concentration in the knee extensor muscle of well-trained men and whether leg muscle strength and endurance was related to the pump concentration. First, the pump concentration, taken as 3H-ouabain binding, was measured in top alpine skiers since strength training is important to them. Second, well-trained subjects carried out strenuous eccentric resistance training either 1, 2, or 3 times · week-1 for 3 months. The Na-K pump concentration, the maximal muscle strength in a full squat lift (one repetition maximum, 1 RM), and the muscle endurance, taken as the number of full squat lifts of a mass of 70% of the 1 RM load, were measured before and after the training period. The mean pump concentration of the alpine skiers was 425 (SEM 11) nmol · kg-1 wet muscle mass. The subjects in part two increased their maximal strength in a dose-dependent manner. The muscle endurance increased for all subjects but independently of the training programme. From a mean starting value of 356 (SEM 6) nmol · kg-1 the mean Na-K pump concentration increased by 54 (SEM 15) nmol · kg-1 (+15%, P < 0.001) when the results for all...

Medbø, Jon Ingulf; Jebens, Einar; Vikne, Harald; Refsnes, Per Egil; Gramvik, Petter
European Journal of Applied Physiology 84(1-2): 148–154
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