Objectives: The output power of a mobile phone is directly related to its radiofrequency (RF) electromagnetic field strength, and may theoretically vary substantially in different networks and phone use circumstances due to power control technologies. To improve indices of RF exposure for epidemiological studies, we assessed determinants of mobile phone output power in a multinational study. Methods: More than 500 volunteers in 12 countries used Global System for Mobile communications software-modified phones (GSM SMPs) for approximately 1 month each. The SMPs recorded date, time, and duration of each call, and the frequency band and output power at fixed sampling intervals throughout each call. Questionnaires provided information on the typical circumstances of an individual’s phone use. Linear regression models were used to analyse the influence of possible explanatory variables on the average output power and the percentage call time at maximum power for each call. Results: Measurements of over 60 000 phone calls showed that the average output power was approximately 50% of the maximum, and that output power varied by a factor of up to 2 to 3 between study centres and network operators. Maximum power was used during a considerable proportion of call time (39% on average). Output power decreased...

Vrijheid, Martine; Mann, Simon; Vecchia, Paolo; Wiart, Joe; Taki, Masao; Ardoino, Lucia; Armstrong, Bruce Konrad; Auvinen, Anssi Pekka; Bédard, Daniel; Berg-Beckhoff, Gabriele; Brown, Julie; Chêtrit, Angela Ben; Collatz-Christensen, Helle; Combalot, Emilie; Cook, Angus; Deltour, Isabelle; Feychting, Maria; Giles, Graham G.; Hepworth, Sarah J.; Hours, Martine; Iavarone, Ivano; Johansen, Christoffer; Krewski, Daniel; Kurttio, Päivi; Lagorio, Susanna; Lönn, Stefan; McBride, Mary L.; Montestrucq, Lucile; Parslow, Roger C.; Sadetzki, Siegal; Schüz, Joachim; Tynes, Tore; Woodward, Alistair; Cardis, Elisabeth
Occupational and Environmental Medicine BMJ Publishing Group, Occupational and Environmental Medicine 66(10): 664–671
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