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  • 2019

Study Design: A prospective observational study with translation and psychometric analyses of a questionnaire. Objective: Cross-cultural adaptation of the Short-Form McGill Pain Questionnaire-2 into Norwegian. Summary of Background Data: The different versions of the McGill Pain Questionnaire (MPQ) have been important and influential tools for pain assessment. To more reliably assess qualities of both neuropathic and non-neuropathic pain, the Short-Form MPQ was revised in 2009 (SF-MPQ-2), including seven additional descriptors. No Norwegian adaptation of the SF-MPQ-2 has been performed. Methods: A translation of the SF-MPQ-2 was performed based on established guidelines. Forward-translations were compared and discussed in an expert workgroup. A synthesis was achieved by consensus. A backward translation was reviewed and consolidated with the forward translations to confirm linguistic equivalence. A prefinal version was tested in eight patients, who were interviewed to evaluate acceptability and comprehension of the questionnaire. Minor changes were implemented. The questionnaire was externally proofread. The final Norwegian version (NSF-MPQ-2) was tested for content and construct validity and internal consistency reliability in a population with low back-related leg pain. Results: The backward translation was in good accordance with the original version. The prefinal version showed excellent acceptability and comprehension in initial patient-testing. The NSF-MPQ-2 showed satisfactory...

Hasvik, Eivind Olay; Haugen, Anne Julsrud; Haukeland-Parker, Stacey Marie; Rimehaug, Stein Arne; Gjerstad, Johannes; Grøvle, Lars
Spine 44(13): E774–E781
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