Academic Article


  • 2005

OBJECTIVES: To evaluate the health status of older persons in Botswana, to report on the prevalence of common health conditions--typically chronic diseases, to assess the socio-demographic correlates of morbidity in this population, and to assess the associations between physical functioning and self-reported health and the common health problems presented. DESIGN: National, cross-sectional survey (12 rural areas, 3 urban centres), inclusive of clinical examinations. SAMPLE: 372 individuals (183 females, 189 males) aged 60-109 years. RESULTS: 68% of respondents reported musculoskeletal pain in two or more locations; 42% were found to be hypertensive; 36% reported dental problems; 32% had dermatological problems; 11% were blind (as defined); 9% had cognitive impairment; 7% were depressed. Multinomial regression analyses showed poor self reported health to be significantly associated with musculoskeletal pain (OR = 15.5), depression (OR = 9.7), incontinence (OR = 3.9), dermatological problems (OR = 3.0) and dental problems (OR = 2.3); hypertension, blindness and cognitive impairment did not show significant associations. CONCLUSION: A large number of older persons in Botswana suffer from one or more age-associated chronic diseases that may impair function and quality of life. Several of the conditions may be diagnosed and treated to optimise the individuals' functioning. Poor self reported...

Clausen, Thomas; Romøren, Tor Inge; Ferreira, M; Kristensen, Petter; Ingstad, Benedicte; Holmboe-Ottesen, Gerd
The Journal of Nutrition, Health & Aging 9(6): 455–461