A voluntary motivational training programme is offered to employees in road maintenance (n=1500) and medical examinations are offered to all those who choose to participate. The activity is measured with an activity bracelet which is worn 24 hours, and data from this is then transferred to a mobile phone/I-pad via Bluetooth.
In this way each participant can observe his or hers activity, and even take part in a virtual team competition online.

The hypothesis is that through this motivation programme on can increase the level of physical activity for each individual.

Before the training programme starts, those who wish can examine their blood
(e.g. inflammatory mediators, glycated hemoglobin test, lipid status), blood pressure, BMI and maximal oxygen intake.
These measurements are repeated after two months when the programme is ended, and finally one year after baseline.

Lifestyle habits are registered via a questionnaire. The size of the group is based on calculations of strength and on what is practical and economical feasible. Based on the sample size of a similar study, we estimate that at least 100 persons should be included.
The project will add new knowledge on health effects by training in a setting where road dust and diesel fumes are present which can affect inflammation.

This project will contribute to knowledge on exposure to physical activity and health effects where training is a possible intervention in relation to dust-related inflammation. The cohort is divided into groups regarding exercise exposure; this can give interesting information about dose-response relationships. The results should also be of interest for other occupational groups and also for public health in general.