Materials and Methods: Hebron district has about 505,693
inhabitants. In the district there are five main hospitals. In addition nurses are employed
in primary health care clinics and private and (UNRWA) clinics. A total of 542 nurses
were working in the hospitals and primary health clinics in 2008. 454 nurses were
available for the cross-sectional study and 442 accepted (particip. rate 97.4). About
40% were men. Data Collection and Questionnaires: Work characteristics, Sociodemographic
data, Work characteristics, Life style behaviors and drug consumption:
Level of perceived stressful working conditions, Psychosomatic symptoms, Mental
distress. Data collection is completed.

Article published:
Yousef Jaradat, Rita Bast-Pettersen, Khaldoun Nijem, Espen Bjertness, Lars Lien, Petter Kristensen, Hein
Stigum. The impact of shift work on mental health measured by GHQ-30: a
comparative study. Middle East Journal of Psychiatry and Alzheimers 2012; Volume 3,
Issue 1