In this cross sectional study 137 welders and an equal number of controls have been examined.
Also examined were 34 patients who had been diagnosed with manganism, and 24 patients who recently
had been diagnosed with idiopathic Parkinson’s Decease(PD). 96 welders, 96 controls and 27 patients with
manganism were examined 6 years earlier. Of these,  63, 65 and 17 were followed up.
In addition, 22 persons of the cohort (manganism, PD and controls) were PET-scanned. A wide neuro-psychological test battery
were administered to the respondents. Parameters for iron level, and biomarkers for exposure and alcohol level were measured.
The welders were carrying air pumps for individual sampling of contaminates in their work atmosphere.
The aim for this project is to evaluate if parts of the test battery used are suited for monitoring persons exposed
to Mn at work. Other goals are to evaluate by which level of exposure critical effect arises. This is important for
determining the correct administrative standards. This project also has a goal to improve the possibilities of
diagnosing conditions caused by exposure to Mn.