Particles – smoke, gas, dust

Project 5. January 2024

Particle exposure in dental clinics (Dentex)

Dental procedures, such as drilling, grinding, and polishing of composite materials used as dental fillings, create air borne particles a...

Ongoing Project period 2017 – 2026
Project 9. August 2023

Particle – cell interactions (PartiCell)

The project will contribute to the understanding of the mechanisms of inflammatory and fibrotic responses of pulmonary exposure to partic...

Ongoing Project period 2019 – 2024
Project 28. April 2023

Bioaerosol exposure in the seafood industry

In this project, researchers analyse the composition of bioaerosols in the seafood industry and investigate the underlying cellular mecha...

Ongoing Project period 2020 – 2024
Project 26. April 2023

The Wood Dust Project

There are several components in wood dust that may cause health problems. More detailed knowledge about occupational wood dust exposure, ...

Ongoing Project period  –