Department of Work Psychology and Physiology

The department investigates mechanisms in order to be able to provide knowledge about the reasons for work-related complaints and diseases. The department is organized in two groups: Psychosocial and organizational group and Work related musculoskeletal disorders.

Department of Occupational Medicine and Epidemiology

The main focus of this department is to map possible connections between work environment and illness.

Department of Chemical and Biological Work Environment

The department is engaged in the mapping and identification of chemical and biological pollution in the work environment which may entail risk to the health of the workers, and in studying the mechanisms by which health outcomes occur. The department is divided into two groups: Chemical work environment and Biology and toxicology.

National Surveillance System for Work Environment and Occupational Health

The Department of Occupational Health Surveillance (NOA) is to coordinate, systematize and disseminate knowledge about the working environment and health to government authorities and other users.

Contacting our research departments