STAMI is the National Institute of Occupational Health in Norway. STAMI is a research institute funded by the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs. We work for facilitating a good working environment; for preventing illness and for promoting good health.

Our vision is for the Norwegian working life to be able to create a working environment that prevents illness and promotes good health. Our aim is that our institute shall promote knowledge and find relations between work, illness and health, to evaluate risk factors and  to offer preventive measures where needed, and finally to promote knowledge of the relations between work and health known in Norway.

We are over 100 employees who create, use and promote knowledge on occupational health. Our interdisciplinary research environment consists of people with various professional backgrounds, such as medicine, physiology, chemistry, biology, psychology among others.
Annually, STAMI is involved in well over 60 research projects. These projects can  for example be long-term pure research-projects and sub-projects, or shorter projects with a more practical base.

The institute is working with all partners in the Norwegian working life.

We are surveying environmental and health issues, evaluating elements of risks, and proposing preventive measures at the work place. We run an occupational health clinic, examining patients with possible work related ill health. Our library is open to all interested parties. We also offer education for safety- and health-personnel and other specialists. We all answer questions related to occupational health.


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